Add-on Services

Silicone Cupping is one of many cupping types found around the world.  Cupping applies therapuetic "negative" pressure to the body, creating the effect of pulling muscles away from the body rather than "positive" pressure pushing muscles into the body.  Benefits can be both physical and physiological, including but not limited to: relaxing muscles & fascia that are bound or tight; treating cold, flu, fever, respitory ailments, & scars; breaking up waste/toxins deep in the body and drawing to the skins surface to be flushed out by the lymphatic system.



Guasha is a Chinese method of East Asian Medicine, that uses a smooth Guasha tool for press-stroking an oiled area of the body. Not only does this drastically improve blood flow, but it will also produce an anti-inflammatory effect that lasts for days after a single Guasha treatment. This effect can provide immediate relief from pain, tension, fever, chill,  cough, nausea, and much more. This is also why Guasha is effective for acute or chronic disorders, including liver inflammation. 


Fire Cupping uses a flame to create a vacuum in glass cups, which causes the suction in order to pull tissue away from the body. 

Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science that uses essential oils to address mental and physical ailments such as headache, tension,  bodily aches and pain, stress, anxiety,  circulation and digestive issues, and promotes deep relaxation.