Free Motion Bodywork
aerial ashi ~ assisted yoga ~ fusion



*  Drink plenty of water the day you receive massage, especially deeper work. This flushes out toxins that surface during massage. Otherwise, these toxins may produce soreness in a day or two


Self Care: stretching; de-stressing and meditation; using proper body mechanics while driving, sitting, standing, sleeping, & playing sports; self massage using a tennis ball, golf ball, or foam roll


A hot bath, heat pad, sauna, hot tub, or steam room are more great ways to relax and ease the muscles in between massage sessions



 *  Relaxing is recommended for 24-48 hours after Ashi. Muscles remain in a super relaxed state for this period and will be more susceptible to injury. If extreme twisting, heavy lifting, or vigorous activity are unavoidable, wearing a brace is advised


Caution with alcohol consumption. For 24-48 hours after Ashi it's possible for alcohol to have a an increased effect


Consuming caffeine 1 hour after your session may recreate tension, especially on the backside of the body