Thai Massage is also known as Thai Assisted Yoga, Yoga Massage, and Therapeutic Thai Massage because it consists of assisted stretches which can vary from gentle to deep, depending on your needs and preference. The three components to a Thai Massage are energetic sen lines, acupressure, and yoga. These combined techniques incorporate static and rhythmic compressions, stretches, and tapotement to open and balance energy throughout the body. Although there is a yoga element to this style, it's very passive and relaxing, and is appropriate for people of all fitness levels. 

Benefits Include: increased range of motion and flexibility, improved posture, strengthened internal organs, eased muscle tension, balanced energy flow, relief from soreness and pain, reduced stress and anxiety, improved circulation, and lengthens the spine and shortened muscles.

What to Wear: comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion.  Loose fitting or stretchable fabric like spandex are best, but please refrain from silky or slippery materials.  PLEASE NOTE : there are no oils or creams used in this style. 

It's common and traditional to perform Thai on a pad on the floor, which gives both the client and the practitioner a more grounded feeling than Thai on the table. It also allows for a broader range of stretches and pressure techniques that are not safe to do on the table.

I use a comfortable 3" heated pad, but unlike Traditional Thai, I provide a  face cradle  raised off the floor 3 inches for face-down techniques.  This keeps the neck and head in a more comfortable, neutral position, and the airflow allows for easy breathing.